Hundred of prisoners this morning leaving one dead after the complex was taken over by intruders, local media reports.

Footage taken from the road outside the Benin Correctional Center in Edo, southern Nigeria, shows men clambering over the barbed prison fences as a crowd gathers beneath.

Some men are seen using makeshift weapons to hack away at the barbed wire to jump what appears to be a 15-foot prison wall to the ground.

Plumes of smoke billow from inside the prison walls as chaos breaks out on the street below as people rush towards the commotion, in scenes shared by the Nigerian Tribune.

Another video shared by TVC News shows prisoners in the compound brandishing sticks and wooden planks in the air as other men climb over a roof.

One man can be heard chanting “get the prison guards” as others cheer around him.

A group had gathered along Sapele Road outside the prison from 7am on Monday setting bonfires and blocking the road, Vanguard reports.

Members of the group reportedly broke a part of the prison wall while others climbed the fence into the prison yard.


  1. I condemn this act. This must be the work of the hoodlums who have been looking for every opportunity to free their friends and partners in crime. Peaceful protesters will not go to this length. This matter should be investigated by the State government and ensure that all the perpetrators are arrested and brought to book.


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