Nollywood actress Nsikan Isaac on Wednesday alleged in support of #EndSARS protest that her father and brother were killed by policemen, Igbere TV reports.

The 31-year-old shared her story on her Instagram page saying, “22 years ago I lost my dad to a stray bullet from a police officer, 20 years later I lost my elder brother to a gunshot in front of my parents’ house from the police too.”

She added that she was lending her voice to the protest against police brutality because she has faced the pain of losing loved ones by the people meant to protect them.

Igbere TV reports that Nsikan is not only an actress but a writer, humanitarian, producer, model and an entrepreneur.


  1. This is not a new phenomenon. Nigerian police has a notorious record of human-rights abuses, brutality, and even extrajudicial killings for the slightest of offenses. Reports of police brutality are so common across Africa that they’re not meaningfully tracked. Whenever anyone is killed by the police in Nigeria, fancy hashtag activism for justice trends for some days. A moment later, everything returns to normal and life continues. There are no street protests demanding justice or the prosecution of the killers. The police and other security actors such as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit carry on as before.
    But now, people are tired of all these police atrocities and show concerns by coming out to protest against the menace in the Police Force. We call for respect and dignity for all human beings.


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