The Lagos State governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has assured the #EndSARS protesters that their demands have started receiving attention from all necessary quarters, including the Presidency and the Nigeria Police.

Sanwo-Olu gave the assurance yesterday while addressing State House Correspondents after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja. He said the President had received their demands and had promised to start implementation, immediately.

According to the governor, who said he also had held a meeting with the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Muhammed Adamu, the governors are also meeting to also make their contributions to the demands of the protesters.

“I just had a brief meeting with Mr. President. It is indeed, an honour he has accorded me this afternoon to meet with him, even after the very important meeting with other governors.

“The essence of the meeting is to pass on the clarion call of all our youths that are protesting in different parts of the country on the ENDSARS NOW. Mr. President graciously accepted the letter that was given to me by the youths to personally deliver to him.

“He graciously received the letter and we went through it very very briefly. I explained to him all the things that we are doing.

“Earlier today, I also met with the IGP, who also shared the same sentiments regarding the various well thought demands by youths. He has also assured me that later today that they will be making further pronouncements.

“Part of the take away for me is that all the governors are on the same page, we are having a governors forum meeting tomorrow. The IG will be briefing is at that meeting and further clear directives and decisions will be taken by all the governors.

“I can tell you and all our youths out there that Mr. President has listened, your letter is documented, it has received attention and he has assured me that all of the things that you have said there he will see how he will begin to implement them almost immediately”, the governor said.

Speaking further, Governor Sanwo-Olu also commended the youths for coming out to make the demands through protests, noting that they had the right to do so and assured them that they had managed to drive their points home to the right quarters.

Like I did mention earlier today in Lagos, we had pushed ahead to implement the first two and the third one which I needed their approval, so that we can put this thing behind us. And in partnership with the youth, we understand and we feel them.

“They have spoken and spoken very well and we heard loud and clear, nationally and internationally. So, I believe it’s been a just cause, it’s a cause that is worth fighting for.

“We have made them realize that we have listened to them as their leaders and have taken up the pieces of all the lessons and we have all learnt from it and we believe that not only will we see a better police reform, a better relationship between the government and the ones that are governed but we will begin to see a better relationship at all spheres of government going forward”, he said.


  1. That’s very good! Nigerians want full implementation of all these demands. It’s not too much to ask the government.


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