A man was beaten up by mob in Abaji Area Council of Abuja after he was allegedly caught with a vehicle loaded with stolen goats.

The incident happened on Thursday morning, September 24. According to an eyewitness, who posted the photos on Facebook, the suspect confessed to have stolen the goats from Kogi State.

See more photos below…


  1. The rules of jungle are meant for jungle. Nigeria is not a jungle and so killing people extra-judicially is unacceptable. When people take laws into their own hands in a society, they basically express the idea that state institutions of law and order are dysfunctional and lack trust or confidence. If people trusted those institutions, it is a lot easier to engage those institutions when crimes occur. Which is why we have repeated incidents of “jungle justice” in these parts. Our Police Force is broken, and has been so for as long as I can remember. Nigerian government should enact law that curbs mob killings in Nigeria because jungle Justice is a disregard for the rule of law.


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