97 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Nigeria on Sunday September 20, as confirmed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

A breakdown of the new cases across states is as follows; Lagos-46, Kwara-12, Rivers-11, Adamawa-4, Niger-4, Ogun-4, Osun-4, Ekiti-3, Imo-3, Kaduna-3, Plateau-2, FCT-1. 

There are now 57,242 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country and 1,098 deaths have been recorded. 48,569 patients who recovered from the disease have also been discharged. 


  1. We’re glad that things are gradually returning back to normal. This deadly virus has exposed how fragile and vulnerable societies are. But, on the flipside, it has created a chance for societies to think introspectively to build a more sustainable future.


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