601 news cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Nigeria on Saturday August 22, as confirmed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). 

A breakdown of the new cases is as follows; Lagos-404, FCT-37, Oyo-19, Ondo-14, Abia-13, Enugu-13, Kaduna-13, Edo-12, Kano-12, Kwara-11, Ebonyi-10, Nasarawa-7, Ogun-6, Osun-5, Delta-5, Niger-5, Plateau-4, Bayelsa-4, Katsina-3, Ekiti-2, Imo-2. 

There are now 51,905 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria, and 997 deaths has been recorded.  38,767 patients who recovered from the disease have been discharged. 


  1. Even if a vaccine is found, controlling the virus will require a “massive effort. Covid-19 may never go away. So, we have to come to terms with the virus.


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