An Upper Shari’a court sitting at Kofar Kudu in Kano state today August 12, sentenced a 70-year-old man, Mati Audu, to death by stoning after he was found guilty of defiling a 12-year-old girl.

During his trial, Mati who is a resident of Falsa of Tsanyawa local government, confessed to committing the crime and accepted his punishment of death by stoning.  

However, in his ruling, the presiding judge, Abdullahi Sani Sarki Yola, said that Islamic teachings gave Audu the chance at three different court sittings to reverse his confession in order to save him from the punishment.

The rapist then disclosed that he defiled the minor and was willing to accept his punishment of death by stoning.

A few days ago, a 22- year old man was equally sentenced to death by an Upper Sharia Court in the state for an act of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammed.


    • That’s a good reward for raping a girl. The man deserves what he got. This will serve as a lesson and prevent others from doing it.

  1. Does sharia law still exist…aren’t this things issues the govt should handle rather than a religious sect passing judgement😡


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