Around this time of the year, every year, we decide to set goals or stop harmful habits. While it is very encouraging to want to set new goals and achieve them with the coming of every New Year, statistics show that more than 80% of New Year resolutions are not achieved. But don’t be discouraged by this damning revelation, I this article, we have put together great tips to help you easily achieve your New Year resolutions this year.
So are you ready to find out the really simple ways you can make a difference this year with your resolutions? Follow me as I guide you true this simple tips:

*Be Reasonable With Your Resolutions:* The first step to achieving a new year’s resolution is to set attainable goals. Its okay to want to be rich, but wanting to be as rich as Dangote within a year is overreaching for many. Set goals like trimming down that pot belly instead of aiming to get Ebuka’s body within a short time. Being reasonable with your resolutions is the first step towards achieving them. Don’t set goals you will easily abandon because of the immense effort needed to achieve them. 

*One Step at A Time:* Understand that all changes takes time. You and your body needs time to adjust to changes you will experience as a result of your resolution. So give yourself space and time to adequately absolve the impending change. Take baby steps instead of adult strides and you will notice massive improvement.

*It Is Okay To Fail:* To be honest, changes are not easy. Your body, friends and the society will resist them. You will consider giving up many times, heck, you might even give up altogether at some point. When you do, do not consider it as failure but rather look at it as a little setback, dust yourself up and continue your journey, as they say, the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. Always remember there was a reason you made that resolution in the first place.

*The Fewer the Better:* When making New Year resolutions, understand that you cannot achieve your entire life’s dream within a year. Do not set numerous goals within a one year period; the truth is you will end up abandoning them. Set few, at most 3 goals, much better if they are closely related.
There you go guys, this is your year to make that much needed positive change. You can do it. You need to do it. All you need are the tips stated above.

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