1. Buy school bag for my daughter
    First bank 3014227830
    @maliika99 @____kingade @DjDrumbaetz @yinksy09 @Iamyusful02 kindly follow @adahorinc

  2. I will be adding it to pay up my 23, 000 hostel fee that expires at the end of this week. I will be grateful for this. GTB 0156906402


  3. Sent money to my younger sister in University. She is really broke. She also writing her semester exams.

    Fidelity bank

  4. I will Go and Pay and Complete the Washing Machine I have been paying for over 4 months now is just 12k remaining and i have 2k with me pls sir i want get this washing machine for my Laundry business

  5. I’ll buy a 8gb ram for my laptop. I do video animations and my current 2gb ram cannot keep up in speed when I start animating. It slows down my work speed and it can be really tiring at times. Your help will go a long way.

    GtB. 0130467510


  6. If I receive a credit alert of #10,000 the First thing I will do is to remove my Tithe of #1000. Thank you so much

    Account Details :
    0039947281 GTB OLATAYO OLOWU

  7. I don’t have any food at the moment. I have been begging friends for help. I just need food. I’ll buy some food stuffs at home with the 10k. I’m broke and month end is still far away
    Zenith Bank 2005131262

  8. I will use it to pay for d completion of my school fee dis semester before it close in Lagos State University .uba 2104486232 😭 @sisi oge @iam _micheal @victor323 @kayswitch @copho12,

  9. If I get a 10k alert this morning, I would use the money to complete my registration fees in school that is due tomorrow.
    Falowo Emmanuel

  10. sub 1k
    Transfer to the guy doing pam and sandals for me 6k
    Chill with 1k
    And 2k remains in account.
    Unah Chigozie David

  11. I will use it to pay my son school fees. They have resumed today
    God bless you🙏 @adahorinc
    FCMB 1614675014.

  12. I will use it complete my projects in school. Thats 7k. Then i will use the remaining 3k to get foodstuff and some personal needs. Thank you.
    Access bank
    Timileyin Ojeokun


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