1. Advice the wife against it, altho its not compulsory she washes my cloth or his cloth but its tradition but if she insists she’s not washing, then dry cleaner should be the next thing or a house help

  2. I don’t think the wife must wash the husband’s clothes. Especially the heavy duty clothes should be washed by the physically stronger partner. Anybody that’s free can wash the dirty clothes in the family. To make it easier the acquisition of a washing machine is advised.

  3. Well, the truth is it is really not a wife’s duty to wash the husband’s cloth, chores can be shared in d house or the husband can get a washing machine for the wife it it’s compulsory for her to wash the clothes… My opinion though.

  4. I’ll understand if wife brother refuses to wash the clothes, however if he is in my house and refuse to work, he will either or I stop treating as my family.
    As for wife does she have any reason not to wash the clothes, of she doesn’t have… She either leaves the marriage or do what a responsible wife ought to do.
    Thou I don’t expect to the washing always but atleast once in a while she will have to do it.

  5. The question of whether it is the wife’s duty to wash or not wash her husband’s cloth lies on how much respect she has for him. Now that being said, should she decide not to wash his clothes, then it means of course something is definitely wrong somewhere. So i being the kid bro would do it. For all you may know if she has some respect for me she might reconsider but if she does not, i will go on and wash it. But my brother must learn a lesson from that scenario because i obviously wont be there the next time to do the washing for him.

  6. As for brothers wife, I will do nothing because it’s not my business… Well as for my wife I will just let her be… And hire a maid who will…

  7. For my brother’s wife.. I don’t have anything to say to her because it’s their marriage and i can’t be a third party in their marriage.. But if am a man and my wife refused to wash my clothes.. I would talk to her like a husband should talk.. And we would reach an agreement either to hire a maid or dry cleaner if we can afford it or make her see reasons to do so.. After all she is not my maid and it is not Obligatory for a wife to wash her husband clothes..

  8. I will encourage her to try and wash the simple clothes like underwears while encouraging the Husband to make means of getting a washing machine and a generator

  9. The Washing of clothes should be a mutual thing between the two. Most importantly, the husband should help with thick clothes as the Man while the Woman can handle the not too thick ones. To completely eradicate the stress that this might bring and to save time as well, I will encourage them to save up and get an LG/Samsung Dry and clean Washing Machine as soon as possible


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