1. My spouse whom i have given all, Cheat on me??
    The both of them will go…

    But on the toughest side, i will still take back my wife if he has kids for me


  2. I would forgive my spouse but the truth is it won’t be an easy task. I’d forgive my spouse as we have a life long commitment plus she’s most likely been the one with me through thick and thin. I wouldn’t have a stranger as a spouse so she has proven her worth many times over. I’ll just keep praying for the strength to get over the betrayal.

  3. If I’ve got to forgive either of them, it’s got to be my spouse and it will be an Herculean task. For someone to be my Best friend, he’s got to be my most trusted Pal and my Spouse has got to be my most cherished, blindly loved and deeply adored soul mate, my one-and-only… So for the 2 of them to connive behind my back to engage in such a disgraceful & shameful act, it would definitely have an indelible impression on me.
    However, taking cognizance of those sacred marital vows, to which we are both bound, I’d be under compulsion to forgive my spouse contingent on if and only when she comes clean about her role in this grave betrayal of our sacred nuptial vows.
    While I trust God for this indelible wounds to heal with time, I will inevitably sever all ties with my so-called best friend.

  4. Me ehn I will forgive my wife but truth is only after divorce cos I can’t be seeing that person that I trusted who betrayed my trust …. For trust is a one time thing


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