1. Their is no problem without solution,what happen to her my brother can have another problem tomorrow, my brother might be solution to her problem, yes I can allow my brother to marry the lady.

  2. Yes I can because there’s always a solution to every problems, what truly matters is how they feel about themselves and nothing more

  3. Yes! In as much as my brother loves and if he is okay with spending his life with her, am giving my consent.
    My brother is okay with it fine, he should also get ready for whatever is the tedious work and financial expense that comes with it. My own is to make him understand these things.

  4. I believe every problem are not meant to be permanent forever and when true loves comes in between that can figure out solutions in accord with faith in Christ such affliction can be healed and they continue to live happily… I believe with God deliverance is Certainty….

  5. This is love, love is endurance, love does not complain, love does not cheats. If my brother is not seeing her bed wetting act as something unacceptable but rather sees the future in her, why should I castigate her. I will allow him. @paulmorax1

  6. Love conquers prejudice. And I strongly believe there is nothing on this earth that doesn’t have cure. He’s my brother. If he really loves her, I will allow him to her.

  7. Well, the truth is he is my brother and I love him a lot but then if he decides to choose a wife who am I to tell him no, I believe its his choice to make cos I believe he is the one that would leave with this lady n not me cos truth be told if i also bring my spouse I won’t want him to tell me he doesn’t like the guy so.. What I don’t want someone to do to me, I won’t do to another… Choosing a life partner is his choice n mine is my choice to make..


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