1. Yes it can lead to suicide, simple you get to know because nothing makes sense to you again yu decide to stay indoor alone…

  2. Yes depression can lead to suicide and it can also be handled when the victim open up to what is really bothering him or her counseling helps to

  3. Its can lead to suicide cause the person is going through a very hard state of mind which is making the person feels the best option for he or she is suicide

  4. I’ve been depressed before so I know it can get suicidal. When nothing seems to work, you get irritated with everything, prefer to be alone and lost motivation to get anything done it feels like you lost your purpose or maybe your never even gonna find it.

  5. Yea I know it can lead to suicide, I av heard of many cases of depression but I av never gotten to d level of being depressed cos I know stupid thoughts wud be running through ur mind at dat point…

  6. Yes it can. But on the logical hand suicide is a selfish act (it would affect the victim’s nuclear & extended family). I think victims should always keep themselves busy most times, surround themselves with listening & loving people & find passion in things they do

  7. depression is a psychological problem characterized by persistent mood disorder.
    Depression if not detected and handled earlier, would lead to suicide, because suicide is the end point of any depressed patient.
    Feeling of hopelessness
    Feeling of rejection


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