1. So long, because you are not in the relationship to ask for money, the guy is not your parent, so that shouldn’t be on your mind.

  2. I totally understand that in a relationship, there are times that the guy may provide for some of your needs, but it doesn’t happen by you asking and it doesn’t mean that it may take long either. So it’s not about how long it takes. But how close we are that I can now say take this money use it to solve that issue.

  3. To me anytime cause you that’s want to date a lady you know she has expenses to sought and you saw her looking pretty and some other qualities that’s why you go for her so you should be able to give her cash if you have but if you’re short on cash you still need to give her assurance

    • Any time? For real. Is relationships a poverty alievation program like she was struggling financially before both parties met.
      It doesn’t work like that.

  4. The lady shouldn’t even take the idea of asking for money every now and then as a priority because she’s already set a wrong pace.
    It doesn’t work out that way.
    Dating a lady doesn’t mean she should turn you into a poverty alievation program. Fine, if the guy has the money to give out, he should give no matter the time frame of the relationship but making him your piggybank for every challenge you need money to fix is wrong.


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