1. I think she should try to get to know what he likes and hate,so has to avoid offending him and also seat him down to discuss those issues out

  2. I guess he is the very jealous type. Since he cares well about her she should avoid making him jealous by reducing talking with other guys and watch if the verbal argument stops if it does then she should go ahead with the marriage.

  3. You already said “Abuse ” for a man to abuse a woman in any form is totally absurd. So I don’t support your sister to continue the relationship talkless of marriage

  4. It seems the man is the possessive and jealous type but everybody has their flaws and can work on them as time goes.
    It’s a tough one but trust and understanding is key to sustaining a long lasting marriage.

  5. Good friend,your sister only must decide well as this is about her life forever in her life and every generations that we would be born!!!


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