Dear Aps it has come to our notice that some Aps ( Adahor people ) has been creating fake accounts in other to win giveaway cash,Adahor is displeased.

The reason for this cash giveaway is to help ease Nigerians and the world of their financial problems, so it saddens us to see some Aps are engaging in creating fake accounts to double or Triple their reward.

Good deeds makes us stronger and not weaker, learn to do things rightly.

Please we need real family who will be there for us through thick and thin, with or without the giveaway cash .

Start doing the right thing please.
,we love you .Adahor.

Family makes us stronger “All Aps Must Read”watch video On twitter. Click website link to continue reading ! – #adahor— (@adahorinc) June 30, 2019



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