1. Pastors are also humans, if I see a female pastor and I fall in love with her, I would approach her…
    They also need someone to love them, they don’t deserve to be lonely…

  2. To me there’s nothing wrong in dating a junior pastor if the process of asking you out is right and if he’s your ideal type of man you can date him but if he doesn’t have the qualities you want don’t waste your time with him.

  3. Albeit he is a man of God, Firstly, he’s a man and as such he needs a woman. So there’s definitely a need for a woman in his life, cos it’s even God’s plan

  4. And what is wrong in pastor asking you out. The vestment is just a veil, your pastor is a human being that will also need to marry. After all, you asked God for a God fearing man. It is an evidence that you abide by the teachings that is why you were identified by the man of God. Congratulations my sister

  5. Of course,you can date,marry and be with a pastor in your life forever and every generations that we would be born,good friend!!!:-D

  6. It’s wrong because he might have a habit of doing that! It’s all shades of wrong asking a member out. All this churches sef

  7. With the incessant news of some Pastors not all just wanting to please their sexual urge making the rounds now. I would suggest u avoid


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