• I don’t support abortion, who knows she is lying to get you back, so don’t tell her to abort it just be very careful with her. #adahor

  1. The first thing you need to do is to tell her not to abort the babe,take her to the hospital for scan and wait till the child is born to confirm if you’re really the father or not

  2. I will advise you first run tests to confirm if you’re actually the owner of the pregnancy. If you’re truly owner , support her and let her give birth to the child . Don’t abort the baby

  3. Abortion is never always adviceable.
    A scan can always be conducted to figure out the true father of the child that’s if she’s intent on carrying the pregnancy.

  4. Tell her to keep the baby then run a dna test after the baby is born to confirm if the baby is yours..I don’t support abortion


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