• It is his life, let him live it the way it pleases him, age is nothing but ordinary number.

  1. If your brother knows what he want let him go for it,the relationship depend on both of them if they really want it to work out but as for me the age difference is too much,I can’t advise someone to go into such marriage.

  2. Marriage is a personal decision of the two parties involved, since its a life time thing… Let him marry if he finds happiness there..

  3. What has age difference got to do with marriage? As long as he finds joy in it, I would advise he is properly guided and be allowed to his personal conviction. Both are going to build a home for themselves and not for onlookers or relations. And therefore, external interference may not make any much positive impact.

  4. That is his choice and love is only about an understanding between a couple without the age,race,religion,caste,etc in our respective lives forever and every generations that we would be born,good friend!!!He has chosen the right choice and both of them will be happily together forever before and after their marriage in their lives and every generations that we would be born too,good friend!!!:-D


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