1. The best thing do is to abort it but as for me I don’t support abortion is better to face the shame and give birth to that’s child cause abortion is dangerous

  2. Abortion is not the solution, tell your parents, make them understand.
    And try putting some sense into both your siblings as well.

  3. They should summoned the courage to tell their parent, abortion can probably jeopardize the life of that girl. To me nothing is new on this planet earth!

  4. Abortion is never an option. They just have to live up to reality, after all Islam permits blood relation marriage eg cousins can marry themselves. Open up to your parents let them be on the know but ABORTION is out of it

  5. I think the most ideal thing to do at this point in time is to inform their parent’s of the terrible mistake they have made and not rushing to abort the child as the consequences may be daring. Inform your parents, whatever decision made then they can take it from there.

  6. I would suggest an abortion if it’s legal because from my tribe it’s an abomination.. Why on earth would the be mating?

  7. Abortion is never a solution, it(abortion) will cause a more greater harm than telling your parents…
    Don’t kill the innocent baby…
    Or what if the girls womb is damaged after the abortion…


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