1. Pls kindly Divorce her and move on as even in the Bible it was stated that on Adultery it is biblical you leave him or her after such heinous act. Move on with your life Sir.

  2. While you’re still alive? What kind of brother does that? Please just divorce and move on with your life..If possible stay far away from them

  3. Firstly, did you & your wife have sex 4 months ago?
    Are you confirm if it was your brother?
    Who is the father of that child?
    Without confirming that, don’t take a step that you’ll regret for all your life.
    Sit with your wife, talk to her, let her confess.

  4. The best thing to do is to divorce the woman and tell both your brother with the woman to kindly move out of your house and go live there life’s together wherever they want.

  5. Go for paternity test to do a DNA to convince your self if you are not the owner of the baby after she might have put to bed before any action don’t sleep with her just avoid her for the period until she delivered


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