• Try and catch her red-handed so that she will not be able to denie it when you confront her ALESOLAS

  1. Challenge her first. Her reaction should determine your next action. If she’s remorseful, forgive her. If not, get a divorce

  2. This so disheartening, abeg confront her what kind of Wife is that to be mingling with a neighbor, she depicting ur status…Shun her very well and even confront that ur nonsense neighbor too

  3. Don’t say anything do like you haven’t seen her,,,,,,she will surely tell you either by words or action just read her carefully nd bcareful

  4. You saw your wife kissing your neighbour and couldn’t ask her what/why?
    Question arises in my mind, are you guilty for the same?
    Ask her, Problems resolve only if discuss, staying mum won’t do anything!


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