A relationship can be a very complicated thing. When you people from completely different backgrounds and upbringing decides to come to together because of the bond of love, there are bound to be clashes here and there. In today’s article, we are going to be taking a look at some things you should never be found doing in a relationship, these things I am going to be listing are considered highly hazardous to your relation, you should avoid them at all cost.

1 Don’t Talk Down Your Partner:

One thing you must avoid doing in your relationship is talking down your partner. No matter how bad things are going in your affair, never reduce your partner’s value to your friends or family members. It will always come back to haunt you. It is better you leave the relationship if things are not working than belittling them.

2 Never Take Them For Granted:

Another mistake couples make in a relationship is that the tend to take their lovers for granted after a while. I call this ‘the over familiarity syndrome’. You have seen the person so many times that you begin to overlook certain things. Always hold your partner in high esteem if you want the relationship to be fruitful.

3 Don’t Spy on Your Partner:

Even though it can be tempting sometimes to find out what is happening behind your back, it is an ill-advised step to take. If you have trust issues, talk over it with your partner rather than playing James Bond.

4 Don’t Invade Their Privacy:

This is very close to the point highlighted above; that a person is in a relationship with you doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have their own space. Don’t choke your partner by being unnecessarily curios about every single move they make. Give them breathing space; you don’t need to know every single thing!

5 Never Assume:

A silent killer in relationships is assumption. Whatever you don’t know or understand, ask! Never assume. Most times partners assume the worst in relationships, leading to clashes that would have otherwise been avoided.

6 Don’t Be Abusive:

Whether verbally or physically, do not be abusive in your relationship. A relationship is supposed to be a union of love. When you turn it into a wresting bout or a war of words, it completely loses its essence.

7 Never Say You Hate Him/Her:

Never let out the spiteful sentence ‘I hate you’ even if you are in a heated argument. You couldn’t possibly hate your partner and be in a relationship with them. So next time you are arguing or quarreling, steer clear of declaring your hatred for the one you love.

8 Don’t Keep Grudges:

This is another silent killer. Keeping silent grudges in a relationship is like applying poison slowly, it kills without you noticing it. Grudges are bad, especially the ones your partner doesn’t even know about. If he or she offends you, have a talk and sort it out.

9 Don’t Turn Your Relationship to a General Discussion:

Do not make your relationship the subject of discussion amongst your family or friends. If you need advice about something happening in your relationship, look for a trusted person within your friends or family and consult them privately.

10 Don’t Stalk Your Partner:

Do not stalk your partner, ever! They are in a relationship with you, not in prison. Let them have freedom to associate. If you are not comfortable with the company they keep, discuss it with them. Stalking is not healthy for you or your relationship.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it’s a good starting point for some of the things you must totally avoid in your relationship if you want to enjoy a fun and love filled connection with your partner. Stay tuned to adahor.com for more tips to make your love life healthier.


  1. Good to know, thank you very much adahor God will continue to increase your knowledge, wisdom and understanding

  2. Wholly applicable!
    Comprehensive write up.

    After all that’s been said, what will be would be.
    Affairs relative to relationships goes beyond what you know or say,more to do with actions and positive implementations 🙄


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