1. I won’t advise you to abort.Just tell your parents about it and I hope that your neighbor takes full responsibility

    • Don’t abort it, be bold enough the same way you were bold enough to have sex and tell your parents. ALESOLAS

  2. Well, it’s such a shameful act but the deed has been done….Call your parents, sit them down and tell them.
    Abide with whatever they tell you. They can’t kill you !!!

    • Abortion is a serious sin and can lead to death, so don’t abort it,

  3. When you were engaging in such act without protection you never knew it will result to this baa..
    Well pls don’t try aborting that innocent child, tell your parents they won’t kill you rather you would be a dissappointment to the family..

  4. You can actually get rid of d pregnancy safe and sound.. buh u hav to make up your mind and talk to your neighbor about it.. btw the process is by performing D&A, only few doctors can do it perfectly.. think well

  5. If it’s a few weeks old you can get rid of it but if it’s already months my dear pls tell your parents about both the baby & your neighbor. Las las You people will do introduction & become a couple.

  6. The best thing is telling your parent, though it might come with shame but they will give you the best opinion. Giving birth is not a disease.

  7. Abortion is a no-no please!
    A good way to deal with it is getting elders from around; religious,family, colleagues to accompany you to talk things out with your parents.
    They’d listen and then find a workable solution, the best way deal with your pregnancy.
    Don’t act funny in between please!!!

  8. There is no better way to say it. Call your mum aside n tell her. And ask her what you should do. Let your mum know first. Not both parents at the same time

  9. Actually my sis u can decide urself bt I will say if you abort it u are not a single lady bt a mom of a dead child leave it cos to u its might be a shame today but if you can work hard and pray its will b a pride cos a pride is usually from shame wise do understand this….

  10. I won’t advise you to abort.Just tell your parents about it and I hope that your neighbor takes full responsibility
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  11. Just do the needful and tell your parents about it before it’s too late
    Ajibulu Oluwatosin Rachael

  12. Like I said before; Just do the abortion. You needn’t tell anyone. Unless the pregnancy is past 4months and can’t be aborted anymore.
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    Account Number:0049637282

  13. Delay no further by telling your parents,you will not be killed.
    Get prominent/respectable family members (elders) to plead and explain the situation of things to your parents; then you would all decide on the best possible way out of the dicey situation (might be a blessing in disguise).
    Adebesin Abisoye


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