1. Although this kind of thing is acceptable by some traditions in Western part of Nigeria but I see it as abomination.. I’d advise you to go far from your mum so that you can have peace

    • No problem in that, at least your dad is already late, your mum don’t want to leave your father’s family

  2. Please just Allow peace to reign.. Leave them in peace coz it’s obvious your mum wasn’t forced to sleep with him

  3. It’s no big deal
    It’s not even a deal
    Life continues bro
    As far as your dad is dead
    They have no dignity but live continues
    He should just marry her already

  4. wow! abortion should not be the way forward, let her tell you if the uncle is willing to take responsibility for his actions

  5. As long as your Uncle accept he’s responsible for the pregnancy, let your Mum keep it. If he doesn’t, let her still keep it after all her husband is late already.

  6. Is your uncle single and ready to accept your mother after the kid, if yes, I see no problem, if no, then you got to take care of both.


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