1. I will advice you to go and report them to your family elders with strong evidences . Leaving the house isn’t the solution

  2. Is she your step mum? Try find out from your brother to confirm your suspicions then inform your dad together. I won’t advice you leave your brother behind..

    • Leaving the house will not solve the problem, that is absolutely nonsense, confront them and let them realize what they are doing is totally wrong, help them with prayer. ALESOLAS

  3. The first thing you should do is to have strong evidences instead of assumptions…If proven to be true, then you should talk to your family relatives about it or better still confront your mum

  4. This is an abomination. Please talk to your pastor or imam about it..speak out before your brother’s life is ruined please

  5. Make sure you catch them in the act and caution them to stop, because it’s an abomination, and they don’t report them to your dad first. Don’t go to ur family elders first o.


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