• For the sake of her marriage don’t tell your dad but call your mum to order, tell her to stop the rubbish.

  1. Don’t tell your dad. Confront your mum and tell her to stop or else you will report her to your dad

  2. Don’t tell your Dad yet. Tell Mummy to stop first, then subtly threaten her that you’d tell Daddy. I’m sure that would make her shiver

  3. Just confront her just to let her know that you are aware of this secret and that it must stop..I think that should scare her and make her quit

  4. I advice you don’t tell your mum just try and confront your mum speak sense Into her I believe things will change for good

  5. Call your mom and speak to her, tell her to change her ways, or else you’ll tell your dad. informing your dad may destroy things, you won’t want to be the reason your parents marriage broke up.


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