1. Your sister wants to be a second wife to your husband?? Wonders will never cease, my dear if you’re a Muslim you might as well accept but if you’re a Christian I’ll suggest you speak to your Creator to guide you in this matter

    • Your husband is your husband, your sister and husband should be ashamed, don’t quit your marriage just continue to pray.

  2. What is your husband saying in regards to this? And what is the responds of your parents and siblings?
    However, if you can endure it stay but I will not advice you to be under one rouf with her pls. Let your husband secure another apartment for her since he needed a second wife. For your own good and for you to have peace of mind, I repeat, do not leave together under one rouf. Unless you want to continue to be in pains.

  3. Donnot give in and loose hope.
    Keep praying and just maybe, all will be fine again.
    I just wonder how people live desperat

  4. Inform elders in thr family. He is ur husband and not ur sister’s husband. The elders will know how to address issue better.if ur sister still want to stay. Excuse the two of them.

  5. Try everything u can to make her understand Hw bad it’s.

    Involve the elders in your family too and if possibly marriage counsellors.

    But if she dnt give up. Give dem space first and keep praying


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