• This is a serious issue, I don’t know which advice to give you, what you have done is totally wrong, I think the best is to follow your mind.

  1. Does the guy you’re pregnant for know about it? If you feel it’s unnecessary for him to know maybe you get rid of it. Telling your fiancé might ruin your chances of moving on with the wedding.

  2. Madam Sisi, the person asked for advice from sensible people please….. You people are the type that push others to point of suicide. If it had been you in her position you won’t think twice on abortion just because you want an elab wedding


  3. Good friend,you need to tell to him about this as you cannot hide this matter for a long time which will make you feel headache and the child is important for both for you as future parents!!!I hope your boyfriend should accept the child as both of you need to have a child to bring her or him well with care,education and good guidances respectively based on the child’s gender after your marriage with your boyfriend forever in your life and every generations that we would be born,good friend!!!:-D


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