Don’t Dull

Do you know everyone that uses our website earn cool 2k weekly and 10k monthly?

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No,I don’t.

What must I do ?

 Just follow the below rules and after 7 days you will be rewarded, check link below for previous giveaway cash winners.Rules to win cash giveaway,2k weekly,10k monthly.

1 Retweet,like and comment on any post with our name on Twitter ‘’

2 visit to always comment on both news and other gist .

3 turn on your notification 

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After 7 days you will be rewarded.


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Adahor people giveaway qualifier

We want to say a big thank you to those who find time to visit our website to read news,Jobs,join our daily discussion,sell properties,We can see you but only those who comment on both daily discussion and other post will be picked for next week cash giveaway.  

Qualifying Ap:Rachealluvs Okolo,Ayodele Olusegun,Yetitos,Sisi,Fabian victor,Pere .

If your name is not listed above ,know you not completely following the rules. Dm so you know where you lacking.

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Here Are The Possible 2019 Cut Off Marks For All Universities & Polytechnics

Most candidates have received their 2019 JAMB results by now and must be wondering their chances of securing admission this year.

One of the important things you need to know is the possible cut-off mark of you school of choice for 2019/2020 admission. This will enable you to know if you qualify for your school admission screening and equally help you determine if you need to go for JAMB change of course and or institution when it begins.

At the moment, JAMB and institutions have not announced their official cut-off marks for this year. So what we have here is based on what it was in previous years.

This means that these cut-off marks are subject to change by the individual institutions.

Below is a list of the possible Cut-off marks of various institutions for 2019/2020



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10 Things You Must Not Do In A Relationship

A relationship can be a very complicated thing. When you people from completely different backgrounds and upbringing decides to come to together because of the bond of love, there are bound to be clashes here and there. In today’s article, we are going to be taking a look at some things you should never be found doing in a relationship, these things I am going to be listing are considered highly hazardous to your relation, you should avoid them at all cost.

1 Don’t Talk Down Your Partner:

One thing you must avoid doing in your relationship is talking down your partner. No matter how bad things are going in your affair, never reduce your partner’s value to your friends or family members. It will always come back to haunt you. It is better you leave the relationship if things are not working than belittling them.

2 Never Take Them For Granted:

Another mistake couples make in a relationship is that the tend to take their lovers fo…

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