Happy New Month Aps

It a beautiful month,a month of progress and happiness,we pray that God will grant you your heart desire as you work and pray this month.

Adahor wish you the best that you do,continue to prosper.

We love you 😍

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It weekly cash giveaway June 30th 2019.

It time for our weekly cash giveaway,very soon we will start having secret word only we family understand especially on Twitter because we will be getting more followers.

If you on Twitter and you wish to increase your followers for free,get ready.

Note:! it against twitter rules because they want you to pay them for campaign to increase your followers.

If you know you have been doing the right things since past 2 weeks drop your account details,we pick radomly .


1 Tag 10 Twitter friends

2 Turn on your notification .

3 like,retweet and confirm after you have drop your account details here.

I wish you good luck 👍

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Family makes us stronger “All Aps Must Read”watch video On twitter!

Dear Aps it has come to our notice that some Aps ( Adahor people ) has been creating fake accounts in other to win giveaway cash,Adahor is displeased.

The reason for this cash giveaway is to help ease Nigerians and the world of their financial problems, so it saddens us to see some Aps are engaging in creating fake accounts to double or Triple their reward.

Good deeds makes us stronger and not weaker, learn to do things rightly.

Please we need real family who will be there for us through thick and thin, with or without the giveaway cash .

Start doing the right thing please.,we love you .Adahor.

Family makes us stronger “All Aps Must Read”watch video On twitter. Click website link to continue reading ! - https://t.co/fCXe3znq68 #adahor pic.twitter.com/Lz6iBVtqAN— Adahor.com (@adahorinc) June 30, 2019

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Get 2k weekly,10k monthly when you support us .No Scam .See Evidence.

Why waist your data when you can breast money with it.support us,get 2k weekly and 10k monthly .


100k giveaway cash this week.

Ask me how ?

Check our media for previous giveaway cashCheck previous giveaway cash winners click link below .

https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1141470488692219905?s=12https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1141469642239696896?s=12 https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1141204767886233601?s=12https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1140912417884557312?s=12https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1140908938457681920?s=12https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1140731173318082560?s=12https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1140723526137257986?s=12https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1140709842082041857?s=12https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1130253937515388928?s=21https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1130227673488330752?s=21https://twitter.com/adahorinc/status/1124989777823064064?s=21https://twi…
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4 Ways to Break Any Woman’s Guard and Get to Know the Real Her

Women are naturally very deep creatures; they can keep secrets buried for years. They can hide emotions and you will really never tell exactly what they are going through. They can also pretend and put up a particular attitude to fool you. You cannot get to know a woman unless she is ready let her guard down and to open up to you. You see bro, most women are Oscar award deserving actors, use surface value to judge them and you will be completely lost; they show you what they want you to see.

As challenging as the task of really getting to know a woman may seem, it is totally achievable when you apply the right strategies. In this article, I am going to list some ways you can break a woman’s guard and get to know her for real. When you get to really know and understand a woman you are with, everything else falls into place. There are fewer frictions in the relationship, you can easily get her to do what you want and she’s happy to be with you because you reall…

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Winners of 2nd week cash giveaway

Top 10 winners .

If your name is not listed below and you know you been doing the right thing daily Dm or call !

1 Chibuzor.

2 Annie042 .

3 EXcell .

4 Template.

5 Rachealluvs okole .

6 Ayodele Olusegun.

7 Yetitos .

8 Sisi .

9 Fabian victor.

10 Pere .

Rules :

1 Retweet,like.comment .

2 comment on daily discussion.

3 comment on other post like news and jobs.

4 Turn on our notification.

5 follow us.

Keep supporting us and if your name not listed today,it will be by next week if you keep supporting and keep doing the right thing.

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June 2nd week Cash Giveaway “Adahor.com”Online Market That Talks

Guys you know how we do it right ? if you don’t know,Adahor.com is an Online market that talks  “on News,Jobs,Sell old & new properties for free,Daily discussion, relationship advice.

We want to say a big thanks to our biggest supporters, we love you,keep supporting us,we will always make you smile.

Between Saturday 15 to 17th June Monday,we will be giving out cash to our supporters .

If you know you have daily supported us by following the below rules drop your account details bellow.

1 Following us on Twitter and retweeting, liking and commenting on Twitter.

2 Commenting on our daily discussion on our website “Adahor.com” and other post like News,jobs.

3 Our notification is turned on, on your Twitter account .

If you new ,just follow above instructions and  indicate as “New member”

Note : all winners of this weekend cash giveaway are obligated to bring atleast 1 new Twitter friend par…

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