Ap can we trust you ?

We want to thank all Aps who has been supporting us may God continue to support you in the time of need,trust is tested, we noticed many Aps has stopped supporting us because they have not gained anything yet and some who has received also stopped.

At this time we will love to know where your heart lies,with us or the money.If you follow us through thick and thin you you truly our big fan,not just for the reward.Comment “true Aps” and drop your phone number.We will still announce the winners of cash giveaway.

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August 2019 #Adahor wish you the best’Happy New Month.state how we can support you!

Happy new month Ap's,today is the first day of the month,if we were to write a page in your life we wont do it without starting with God,the first in all,to succeed you need Jesus Christ because he is the only one who cam give you the power to make wealth and progress in that area of your life you need upgrade.

We pray God help you fallfill that your dream.

Our weekly giveaway still continue,we will annouce the winners and credit them next week,we noticed a drop in our comment,let hit 30 comment on our website post then we will credit Ap's.

Note: two things are important to us,Retweeting and commenting on website post on adahor.com .

8 as number,August signify the begining of a new thing,so start making that plans and if you already made a resolution,state what you want us to support you with and we will check your records and see if we have the man power to do it and we will announce it,we grow by lifting others up.


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Time to reward Ap’s

Happy new week Ap’s,as you start this week new ideas and success will be a common thing in your life in Jesus Name. we noticed our comments on our website has dropped,#adahor is not pleased, please we have aim to build a better community for daily discussion on this website and ease the  present financial needs of the people in our own way.

“Don’t think what your country will do for you “ but “ what you will do for your country “

So we hope to increase and not degrease.We want everyone to engage including our old members that not be engaging .Now drop your account details here and confirm on Twitter.Retweet and join the below group for constant update.


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